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Frances Marino Fine Art

Longmont, CO


Equine, Western and Eclectic Art

Interior decorators and designers, Please contract me with any questions and offers on prints or originals.

Hi.. Thanks for visiting my site.. First, I'd like to say,, 15% of any purchase of my art, will go to a non profit at the end of the year.

All my art is copyrighted so contact me if you'd like to use any images.

Art has always been a passion with me,, visiting galleries, going to openings and just dabbling here and there for years.. It was in,2005, I decided to take my art alittle more seriously and started classes at the community collage,, here in Longmont,, from there,, The Colorado art academy, were I learned pastel, horses, and more advanced drawing..
I consider myself a horse artist, with them being my most favorite subject to paint or draw although I tend to find beauty in all things and create when ever the subject moves me.
Feel free to contact me for any offers on my pieces of art.

Check out my award winning paintings:
"Paired Up" 2014 Boulder Art Association "Celebration of Home" First Place"
"A Night At The Drive In" 2014 BAA, Lag Membership show 3rd Place Mixed Media
"Black eyed Susans" 2013 BAA,LAG Membership show First Place Mixed Media
"Ride Like You Stole It" 2013 Art Horse Magazine under paintings
"Trouble Makers" 2013 Art Horse Magazine, Directors First Runner up award
"The Competitive Edge" Juried into the International Art Horse Magazine 2012 under drawings
"Horses West of Boulder" 2nd Place 2009 Chautauqua Park Boulder Colorado, "The West, 150years of Boulder"
"The Pearl Horse" 2009 Louisville National Fine Art Show, The Advertisement for the show and one of 4 images for the poster
"Mares and Foals" 2010 International Horse Art Magazine under drawings
"The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" 2010 Louisville Fine Art Show, merit award or 4th place
"I've Got Your Back" 2011 International Art Horse magazine under Paintings
"Vinnie, Mustang Love" juried into the International online art site Infinity Art Gallery, Animal contest, 2011
I've been interviewed by the online magazines,, The Equinest, and Equestrian Network Magazine.

Private Collectors of my original arts:

Arizona- "Three More Bottles of Wine, Melissa's Meadow"
Australia- "Lets Go Coastal"
England- "The Blue Roan"
California, Walnut Creek "North of Bodego Bay"
California, Santa Rosa - "Browns At Play"
California, LA- "BBKing"
California, "Trouble Makers"
Michigan, "A Hot Wed. After Noon"
Montana- "Blowing in the Wind, Painted Ponies, The Landscape, Cowgirls Kickin the Blues, A Herd of Five","It's All About the Brush Stroke","Band on TheRun"
North Dakota- High Tailing it Out of Here
Wisconsin- "Then Came Clairity, Grazing in the Moonlight, Its All About the Horses
Texas- "Mustangs in Southern Colorado"
Texas- "The Tasty Post"
Texas- "It's a Family Tradition"
Texas- "Horses West of Boulder"
Appalachians- "The Palomino, There's Bugs Out There"
Ohio- "Healing Waters"
Denver, Colorado "The Menagerie
Denver,Colorado "Caught Up In The Moment"
Denver, Colorado "Blood Red Flowers"
Denver, Colorado "The Horse As Art"
Denver, Colorado "Once In a Blue Moon"
Boulder Colorado:
"Ride Like You Stole It"
"The Indian Bowl"
"Fall Is in The Air", Things Are About to Change, Morning Has Broken"
"The Competitive Edge"
"With Age Comes Beauty"
"The Water Falls, Sage Brush, Somewhere Southwest, There's Two Sides to Everything"
"The Beaver Ponds"
"Rainbow Beach, It's This Way"
"Lets Take this Path"
"Sometimes You Need to Get Out of the Heat" "Charlotte" , The Colorado Horse Rescue"
"The Morning Stroll"
"Picking on the New Guy"
"Running Through Sage"
"A Touch of Teal"
"Vinnie" "The Red Boot"
"And Life Goes On, The Stampede"
"Three Generations of Moo, Snow Horses"
'Three Bottles of Wine"
"John Coltrane abstract, Jimmy, Abstract Ocean"
"BB King, Stevie Ray"
"John Coltrane"
"How The West Was Really Won"
"Why Real Men Want to Be Cowboys"
"The Lake in Fall"
"The Beginning Of Life"
"Where The Wild Flowers Grow"
"Only The Lonely"
"For Those Who Fly Fish"
"The Beginning of Life"
"Chief Niwot"
"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"
"Broken Fences"
"Free Flowing"
"Rising Tide"
"Morning Has Broken"

My contributions to 2014
Colorado Horse Rescue
Boulder County Humane Society
Attention Homes
National Public Radio
Colorado Public Radio
Boulder County humane society
Earth Justice
Ute Springs Experimental School
Hope for Paws
Last Chance Foal Rescue

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Waiting by Frances Marino


Trouble Makers by Frances Marino


Band On The Run by Frances Marino


Paired Up by Frances Marino


Browns At Play by Frances Marino


Horses West of Boulder by Frances Marino


Morning Has Broken by Frances Marino


Desi On The Run by Frances Marino


Hightailing It Out of There by Frances Marino


Speed by Frances Marino


Leaving The Mesa by Frances Marino


Three Horse Sketch by Frances Marino


Forty Shades of Grey by Frances Marino


Shades of Blue by Frances Marino


Out of the Blue Into Reality by Frances Marino


Standing By Two Rivers by Frances Marino


All Knowing by Frances Marino


The Horse As Art by Frances Marino


Sheer Horse by Frances Marino


Jasper by Frances Marino


The Horizon Line by Frances Marino


Midnight Run by Frances Marino


Free and Easy Down The Road I Go by Frances Marino


Its All About the Brush Stroke by Frances Marino


Rojo by Frances Marino


Ride Like You Stole It by Frances Marino


At Liberty by Frances Marino


Spirit Horses by Frances Marino


The Beginning of Life by Frances Marino


Three Horses on the Diagonal by Frances Marino


Three Horses on the Diagonal by Frances Marino


Top Line by Frances Marino


The Dark Horse by Frances Marino


Three Palominos by Frances Marino


A Herd of Five by Frances Marino


Theres Bugs Out There by Frances Marino


The Palomino by Frances Marino


Alerted by Frances Marino


Picking On The New Guy by Frances Marino


The Competitive Edge by Frances Marino


The Sheer Joy of It by Frances Marino


Painted Ponies by Frances Marino


The Cookie Jar by Frances Marino


Southwest Horses by Frances Marino


What We Could All Use a Little Of by Frances Marino


What We Can All Use A Little Of by Frances Marino


Caught Up In The Moment by Frances Marino


Then Came Seven Horses by Frances Marino